Our In-Store Food Menu

Prices include tax. See below for a list of our local suppliers and info on the alcoholic drinks we have for sale!

Breakfast & Lunch


Baked Goods & Dessert Bars Made In-House

Our Local Suppliers:

We are licensed! Try a refreshing cider or local beer, or add a liqueur to your latte to add a little kick to your day. Selection as pictured on the right may vary.

We are proudly carrying reusable cups from The Nulla Project! Buy a takeout cup for $5 with a hot or cold drink, take the drink out with you, and enjoy! Then, bring the cup with you during your next visit or check out one of Nulla’s other partners. In exchange for your old cup, you’ll get a sanitized one for free on your next visit!

It’s all a part of the local Zero Waste economy–a vital part of creating a more sustainable & cooperative future for our city and the world.