Unholy Rites


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A mystery novel by local authors Kay Stewart and Chris Bullock. This item is for pick-up only between 12 to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. If you would like to arrange for another time, or if you live within walking distance of the shop (we’re flexible with the distance!), please send us an email at info@gigiscafe.ca to make arrangements.

“The third book in the Danutia Dranchuk mystery series reunites RCMP constable Danutia Dranchuk with her friend, drama critic Arthur Fairweather. Danutia is observing a youth rehabilitation program in England when Arthur returns to the Peak District to attend his mother’s funeral. Suspecting foul play in her death, Danutia and Arthur question the feuding villagers. They soon discover the dark and dangerous side of ancient Celtic rituals still practiced in the town.

In a region with chilling reminders of child labour during the Industrial Revolution, Danutia must navigate through a community with a complex and layered history. When a boy from the village is abducted, the race to save him leads Arthur into extreme danger. Only Danutia has a chance of rescuing both Arthur and the child from an “unholy rite.”

This is the third book in the Danutia Dranchuk series.