20 “Shanti” Organic Teabags


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Shanti Tea is our usual tea provider! They offer certified organic teas that they import from selected farms around the world, and their manufacturing is all done in Ottawa–go Canada!

Please state in the “notes” section of the order how many of each tea you would like (otherwise we will give you a mix of types, in separate small paper bags):

Spearmint – herbal and one of the most popular teas at Gigi’s!

Shanti Chai – “An amazing blend of spices and black tea to rival ‘grandmother’s chai’, (we hope)!”

Strong Earl Grey – great for use in a London Fog. Try making an iced one by brewing 1/3 part tea and adding it to 2/3 parts milk with vanilla syrup and ice!

Chamomile – herbal and a classic.

Orange Black – “Deliciously sweet and fruity with the underlying support of a robust black tea.”

Rooibos – herbal!