My thoughts on event opportunities at Gigi’s

Hello! It’s been a long while since I wrote here.

Since the last time I blogged, I’ve cut back on my hours barista-ing at Gigi’s and one of the main things I focused on (besides administrative business stuff, like analyzing data about… wait, why are you yawning?!) was thinking about what it is I wanted to accomplish when I first got into running a cafe. 

Pre-March 2020, I was all about this thing called community. I suppose this interest came from growing up very shy and feeling socially isolated, especially after I finished university and realized how much I had depended on organized activities to help me feel connected to something. School was the ultimate organized activity!

Community to me means a feeling of being a part of something. During the pandemic, the means to achieve this feeling changed. Like, for instance, our old assistant manager Amy in the summer of 2020 starting posting questions on our windows and bulletin board that customers could answer (“tell us a bad joke” was a popular one!). It was simple but effective.

Now the masks are off (dunno about you, but I’m keeping mine on pretty often still!) and video calls are on the outs. Customers seem pretty enthusiastic to attend open mic nights and live music again!

The need for community feels higher than it was before, and I’d like to share here my thoughts for what this could look like as we move forward. Please contact us if you have any feedback or other ideas!

A games night… with a community table!

We co-hosted a games night with a friend of the cafe a few weeks ago, and one thought I had following the success of that was to create a designated table for people who want to play with strangers. This would help everyone get past their nervous energy of wondering, “Can I join in? Will they say no if I ask?? What if they hate me already?!” (Been there.)

A speed dating night! Or speed friendship night?!

I for one am not used to long periods of interacting with people in person any more. Let’s do five minute dates/hangouts (not like Google hangouts, ew) with fun topics such as

  • What is your ideal night out during a pandemic? How about during a period of I-can’t-afford-anything-besides-groceries-and-rent?
  • Do you have a Costco card and can you afford gas to get there?
  • What is your favourite meme and why? (Feel free to send me your answer to this one for, uh, research purposes.)

A let’s-glue-stuff-together-and-paint-pieces-of-wood night

Actual footage of me, an adult human, when given paint. (Click the image for the photo credit.)

Do you love to peel dried-up hot glue off your fingers? And do you, like me, have no visual art talent? Then this is the night for you! Otherwise known as an arts-and-crafts night, this could be an opportunity for my fellow talentless, secretly-ten-years-old people to get creative with no pressure to end up with any particular result.

With these three event ideas, you can see that I have a great plan to take the business world by storm. Or at least laugh myself all the way to the fifty-percent-off cart at the back of the grocery store, with the rest of you. We’ll keep you informed on our events page with what we have planned!

As always, thank you for reading and do send me a note if you have ideas, feedback, or just want to share a meme!